About Me




I’m Bruno Ebermann, a 1991 born German Chef. I am passionate about food and travel the world discovering deliciousness across the globe. I grew up in my hometown of Oberboihingen, a small town a few kilometres away from Stuttgart. Although exposed to great German food, I realized I needed to expand my horizon and experience every other food there is.


At 16, I did my three-year apprenticeship and the foundation of my career began in a classical Restaurant at 5 Star hotel up in the mountains of the Black Forest in South Germany. This is where I learnt the basics of my craft and at 18 years of age, became a cook.


In 2010, I moved to London with one goal: To learn English. I worked at a big 5 Star Hotel kitchen that had a wonderful diversity of people from around the world. The Malaysians, South Africans, Indians, Indonesian cooks at the Hotel kitchen had a huge influence on my life. The first curry I ever ate was made by my Indian colleague, and this is probably where my love for Asian food and my quest to travel began.


I enjoyed my time in a foreign land and ended up staying another year living and cooking in London.  At that point, I worked in a 2 Michelin Star Restaurant specializing in Modern French cuisine. My colleagues yet again were from around the world, and here is where one of them took my out for Asian food and I tasted my first bowl of Pho and my first Ramen.


After 2 years of city living, I needed a change of environment. The fresh water and air of the mountains came calling and in 2012, I moved to the Swiss Alps and worked at a 1 Michelin Star  Restaurant. I remember the Chef very fondly. He was from Tirol and cooked delicious classic Italian-French cuisine. He also made wonderful use of Olive oil,  and this is where years of butter and cream cooking slowly shifted to more olive oil and lemon based clean and light, almost Mediterranean flavours.

Switzerland is also where I learnt how to ski and spent many days skiing in the Alps, and in the summertime exploring different regions of Switzerland where driving just a few kilometres completely changes the entire landscape.


While working in Switzerland, I decided to go to Australia. I worked with an Australian Chef back in London and somehow it was always on my mind, so, by the end of 2013, with a grip on English language, I had happily signed up to move to Australia.


Here I was exposed to a completely different environment with yet again a diverse and fascinating group of people. I worked  at a Coffee Shop in Dubbo in New South Wales. The Lebanese owners had a passion for Paleo diet, and the coffee shop symbolized that. Everything was organic and leaned towards vegetarian with a lot of influence from Lebanese spices.


A train ride from Dubbo brought me to Melbourne! I spent 6 months here working different sections at one of the best steakhouses. I was also pleasantly surprised by the number of great Asian food options. My flatmates were Indians who cooked delicious south Indian food with subtle flavours of Kerala spices and it brought me just another step closer to Asia. After working for a substantial period in Melbourne, I road tripped across the stretches of this beautiful country and made a sweet Camper van my home for 4 months and ended up exploring half the continent.


After a little more than a year in Australia, I was back in Stuttgart helping my parents in our Family owned Restaurant specializing in classic south German food, cooked in the traditional way. We are known for our Schwäbisch food and Linde is renowned for its nose to tail concept. With a rich history surrounding the Restaurant which was originally started as a butcher shop by my grandparents, Linde is an homage to the southern German cuisine and keeps that flame alive.


To get back in touch with my roots, I also interned at a butcher shop in the Black Forest to get an understanding of good meat and where it comes from. Here I also learnt the art of butchering animals and getting the right cut of meat.


I moved to Berlin in 2016 to intern at a bakery renowned for dimeter products, the highest form of organic food in Germany. There was no use of farmed yeast and only naturally fermenting agents were used to make products. There was no commercialization and there was only organic, artisanal goodness served up. I also worked at the Pastry (Konditorei) section of the bakery and learned the art of baking sugary treats like cakes.


Then I stayed on in Berlin, preparing myself for Asia by working at a modern Korean Restaurant, and this is where I was bowled over by Korean food. Through connections from the owner and Head Chef, in the October of 2016 – I decided to start my one-year travel across Asia beginning at Seoul, South Korea.


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